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Greetings from STEM-Away!

Applications for the Summer 2021 virtual-internship session are now open.

Our virtual-internships are free educational internships designed to help truly motivated students prepare to be successful in their chosen career. Students can learn, collaborate, and prove their value based on their merit and ability.

Build Skills Portfolio

Sharpen the technical & soft skills that companies are seeking in candidates. Become work-ready with the STEM-Away® AWS Data Science Portal & other industry tools.

Get Noticed

Showcase skills via our unique 1-Click Resume. Push your boundaries, create both scientific and product narratives. We will provide the tools, framework and mentorship.

Become the STEM leaders of tomorrow

An unique opportunity to develop and showcase your leadership skills. Leads in past sessions presented to STEM luminaries from Google, Agilent, Intel, Lyft, and more.

Please fill this application form to indicate your pathway of interest and other details.

We have released a new form as of 01/26. Relevant links are embedded in the application form if you need to refer back to anything.

Initial teams have been formed. We are accepting more applications on a rolling basis to finalize the teams.

Note that the STEM-Away platform is a forum based platform with the structure

  • Member Portal → Categories-> Subcategory (optional) → Topics.

Right now, this topic is nested as follows

Take a moment to read through the details of the program so that you can make informed choices in the application form. If you are not yet comfortable with navigating the forum, you may use the Application Sitemap (topics from the Applications subcategory) below. Once you are more comfortable with the forum structure, check out the Pathway Hubs for pre-internship training. Get ready for the summer!

Any questions? Post it here.

Stay safe! The STEM-Away® Team

Summer 2021 Application Sitemap

From The Student Voice - Antony Georgiadis, Mentor Chains® Lead Summer 2020

Virtual Internships are your opportunity to gain tangible work experience on complex problems and projects set up to simulate a company atmosphere so you can improve your skills in a low-pressure environment.

This is your opportunity to learn and grow in a professional setting in which you will have access to industry tools and mentors who are there to help guide you on your journey in whatever pathway or level of internship you participate in.

This is not a class in which you will be given everything and you just execute. You will be given the tools and framework to grow. It will be up to you as to how far you take your experience whether you are adding to codebases, writing a paper on your project, or any number of fantastic possibilities all of your efforts are yours to show off to the world.

More about STEM-Away® Virtual Internships?

  • Virtual-Internships comprise of real life projects, selected to develop skills for specific career pathways. Current pathways are Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Hardware Engineering, Full Stack Design, UX Research & Design.

  • Internships are designed as Mentor Chains® Projects with students of varying experiences collaborating in online teams. Open to high school students, college students and recent grads/ junior professionals.

  • Students work on all aspects of a project from project definition to post mortem. They get the opportunity to build technical skills, project management skills, and other critical soft skills that companies are seeking in candidates.

  • A STEM-Away® Certificate is issued at the end of a project that provides full transparency into the achievements of the student.

  • There are 3 levels of participation:

  1. Mentor Chains Observers
    • A tiered approach to internships where students can start in purely observation roles to get exposure to new fields and build overall confidence.
    • NOTE: Observer role will not be offered in Summer 2021.
  2. Mentor Chains Participants
    • Opportunities to gain real-world experience
    • Showcase technical & soft skills via 1-Click® Resume
    • Mentoring from senior students
    • Start professional network
  3. Mentor Chains® Leads
    • Leadership opportunities as webinar hosts, mentors
    • Showcase technical & soft skills via 1-Click® Resume
    • Mentoring from industry experts
    • Grow professional network

STEM-Away - Summer 2020 - Students

Other Helpful Links:

STEM-Away® Homepage (Intro, How it works, About us)

STEM-Away® Brochure for Colleges and Students

Student Testimonials (The Student Voice)

Other Testimonials (STEM leaders, universities and domain experts)


I have completed summer 2020 internship. I would like to apply for Summer 2021 as well for level 3. Where will I get self assessment for level 3?

Thank you, Priyanka

I just received my notification for Summer 2021. Do I need to accept immediately? I am still applying to internships elsewhere, so would like to know how long I have to accept the offer or if I am able to later decline if I get another internship.
Thank you, Ryan Kwong

Hi Ryan, It is difficult to give an extension beyond the 04/23 deadline mentioned in the offer email. I can keep you on waitlist if that helps.

I got an email that said “We are delighted to have you join us this summer.” which I presume means I was accepted. However, I am very confused on what exactly this means as I cannot seem to find any information about what exactly I have been accepted for nor what I need to do now

Hi Michael, We have sent out a number of emails, please check your spam or other folders for emails from the domain “mentorchains”.

I did that and the only emails that appear are the acceptance email and the confirmation one. I only applied about a week ago so that might have something to do with it

That must be it. We agreed on a couple of late applications from NYU. I will look into this as soon as possible. You can whitelist the “mentorchains” domains as an extra step. But we have 30+ applicants using NYU emails and no one has had any problems with receiving emails from us.

Ok thank you so much

Hello, I am from SJSU and was also accepted this past week. I have received the offer letter email and an email titled “Details of Summer 2021 Projects.” I haven’t received a link to my personal dashboard and was wondering if there are other emails I should need. Thank you!

Hi Julian, The next round of emails are going to be sent out shortly. I will repeat some of the main points to ensure that the latest students are all caught up.

Hello. I enrolled in the machine learning level 2 program. Am I going to work on the same project for level 1, NLP based Recommender System Project?

Hi Xinyue, The Level 2 project is “Exploration of Machine Learning applications in Bioinformatics”. I have put the details of each project here as well: You can ask project specific questions by replying to the appropriate topic.

Hi Michael, Did you got the email sent out yesterday?

I did not. I just checked my spam and advertising as well and nothing.

I am happy to confirm my email or provide anything else you may need inorder for this issue to be solved

Let me begin with sending you the email sent out yesterday from my personal email so that you can start looking at the internship details. And I will ping our Airtable expert to look into the issue. It will take a little longer but this is beyond my expertise! If I send emails via Airtable before your issue is resolved, I will send you a separate email.

Ok thank you so much and I will also make sure to confirm that I get your email

Ok perfect just got it

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Hi Julian, Checking to see if you got an email yesterday with the link to your dashboard and other details?