Wjlevan - Full Stack Pathway

Name : Walter
Team : FS Team-1

Overview of Things Learned :

Technical Area : In the past week, I have learned how to install and set up Discourse onto my windows PC, clone and upload a repository using the command line interface, and working with tasks and subtasks in Asana. I have also researched various plugins and themes for the platform. I also learned the basics of Ruby and appreciate its OOP while also not being strongly-typed.

I attended the session with our industry mentor, and it was a great overview of the structure of Discourse and how its architecture differs from a barebones Model-View-Controller. .

Tools Used : Discourse, Ruby, Visual Studio Code, Github, Asana

Soft Skills : I have learned to collaborate with my team and communicate across multiple platforms. I have also learned where to find the answers to issues regarding Git, Ruby, and Discourse.

Achievement Highlights

I completed the Ruby programming practice tasks on Visual Studio Code. I never used Ruby before, so there was a small learning curve. However, I have experiernce with Java and Python, and Ruby seems like a hybrid of the two, so it was quick to pick up.

Goals for the Upcoming Week

Practice more Git commands, like merging branches and soft/hard resetting heads.
Work on pushing my Ruby code through Git
Understand Discourse Theme and Plugin Development better

Tasks Done

I have installed a local instance of Discourse, completed tasks on Asana, and created a new branch in Github through the command line interface.