What, how, why STEM-Away?

What, how, why STEM-Away?

:high_brightness: The Issue at Hand

The Overlooked STEM Talent

  • Challenging Conventions: Prevailing hiring mechanisms miss out on an enormous segment of untapped STEM talent, thereby stalling societal advancement and market expansion.
  • Distinguishing Talent: Conventional recruitment emphasizes ‘visible talent’, bypassing the ‘hidden talent’ constrained by financial barriers, geographical limitations, or a dearth of industry insight.
  • The Numbers Game: 84% of U.S. STEM roles are held by white or Asian males. Companies spend heavily recruiting from select campuses, while marginalized STEM groups are apprehensive about applying unless they satisfy every requirement.

The STEM Talent Crunch on the Horizon

  • What The Data Says: By 2025, the U.S. anticipates a requirement to fill 3.5 million STEM positions, of which an estimated 2 million might remain vacant.
  • Connecting the Dots: The formula? Overlooked talent plus a looming talent void equals a market ripe for innovation.

:ledger: Our Approach: From Latent Potential to Leading Figures

Universal Opportunities: The STEM-Away® Career Hub

  • Bridging with AI: Our merit-based platform lets students learn, engage, and assert their worth. We’ve seamlessly blended individual learning and collaborative teamwork, establishing new benchmarks for centralized, project-based talent evaluation.

Addressing Disparities: Creating Equal Platforms

  • Inclusivity at Its Best: We’re reshaping the narrative, emphasizing a balance between those qualified for jobs and those who get the opportunities. Our aim? Elevating the entire STEM community, not just catering to immediate corporate demands.

Prepped Junior Talent: The STEM-Away® Distinction

  • Work Simulations: Our platform mirrors genuine work settings, crafting job-ready young talent.
  • Showcasing and Networking: Our integrated solution facilitates skill showcasing and encourages networking, thereby uplifting the broader STEM community.
  • Setting New Standards: Shifting from the fragmented 1-1 hiring model, we’ve introduced pioneering standards for project-centric talent acquisition, fortified by APIs ensuring scalability and resonance with industry demands.

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