Vsrikar08 - Entrepreneurship Pathway

Week 1:

           1. 7/15 Team Meeting 1 (Introduction)
           2. 7/16 Team Meeting 2 (Revenue Model)
           3. 7/18 Team Meeting 3 (Trello)
           4. 7/20 Sub Team Meeting 1

Tasks Completed:

          1. Determined a business model 
          2. Completed the business model canvas based on our model
          3. Learned to use Trello

It was a good meeting overall. I met with all the team members and they seem like amazing people that I will be able to work with. We are learning about how to make or break a business. I want to learn more about this so I can apply this to my own company in the near future. My goals for the next week are to learn more about competitive analysis, revenue streams, and anything about entrepreneurship in general. We learned how to use Trello and developed several soft skills such as how to talk, present, and work remotely.

Week 2:

           1. 7/22 Team Meeting 4 Identifying competitors
           2. 7/24 Team Meeting 5 SWOT analysis/ position map
           3. 7/26 Team Meeting 6  competitive analysis learning

Tasks Completed:

          1. Find competitive companies
          2. Analyzing how they went about things 
          3. presented our findings 

It was a good meeting overall. We found many different competitors that we have both advantages and disadvantages. We are learning about how to make or break a business. My goals for the next week are to learn more about marketing and how exactly I can market toward a specific group and sell the product/ service I am selling. We learned many soft skills such as speaking and working remotely as well. It was a good meeting with the team and I am confident that we can do more.

Week 3:


          1. marketing strategy
          2.  marketing material 
          3. Audience targeting


         1. 7/30 Sub team meeting 
         2. 7/31 Sub team meeting 
         3. 8/1 Competitive Analysis Presentation
         4. 8/2 More about marketing

It was a good week,. We found the different groups that we need to target and managed to make materials for those niche groups. We learned how to market, learned from other companies, and so much more. I look forward to putting this all together and finally making a good presentation for the company.

Week 4:


          1. more marketing strategies
          2.  month long/ long term marketing 
          3. Presenting material 


         1. 8/5 Sub team meeting 
         2. 8/6 Sub team meeting 
         3. 8/7 present

It was a good week. I definitely won’t miss waking up at 6:30 to present thats for sure. But I will defintely miss the team. I enjoyed many of the meetings. We finally put a good analysis and presented. My presentation was not the best as my voice cracked. It was a bit embarassing, but oh well. I enjoyed the internship material quite a lot and I will defintely use this material in the future.