Visheshagrawal - Bioinformatics Pathway

  1. Overview of Things Learned

Technical Area

-> Confidence to work in R. Python I am already familiar with.
-> Revised my concepts on various plots and their usage
-> Ability enhanced to read and effectively understand papers in the bioinformatics domain.


  • R & R Studio and packages like ggplot, GEseq2 etc.
  • Gene Expression Omnibus(GEO), KEGG Database and knowledge of various other dbs.
    Paper sites such as PubMed and GoogleScholar
  • Python platforms such as Jupyter and conda
  • Slack channel, Stem-Away Platform and Gsuite

Soft Skills
Confidence to interact with people of different countries
Working hours: I am from a 12 hr difference time zone so adjustment to the Pacific Time
Time Management: How to work for internship while coping up with studies.

  1. Three achievement highlights
  • I have looked parts of literature and deepen my understanding. I have completed all the assignments given
  • R skills enhanced, know how to make plots using normal and geom methods.
  • Understanding and relating with the bioinformatics more.
  1. Meetings Attended
  • R sessions attended in recording.
  • All gene team meetings since I joined
  1. Goals for the upcoming week.
  • Become organised and get adjusted more to PST.
  • Read more papers and projects and get a better idea about what to do.
  • Interact with a smaller team and bond with them.
  • learn more about Asana
  • Complete my backlog.

Week 4

Technical Area:
Learnt how to find the outliers in a dataset.
Figured out a way to do the prev task which was handling QC report and converting the data to csv file, after that normalizing it and then plotting PCA, successfully finding out the outliers.
Annotation, gene filtering and analysis using limma.
Learnt how to use metadata.

** New Tools Learned:** Annotation db, limma package, gene filtering, pheatmap, rma (and normaliztion methods), PCA, QCreport

Communication and Main working tools

  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Github
  • R Studio
  • GEO
  • Stem-Away Platform

Soft Skills: Made friends with Group 6 and Group 7 people by meeting a few times.
Recent group discussion activity in zoom was pretty good as I interacted with 2 more people in a very friendly atmosphere.
I have added 15 to 20 people in my Linkedin account relevant to this field and stem-away.
More confident in giving presentations.

Three Achievements:

Led last week’s presentation from my group.
Understood more aspects about differential expression and how we can find and use this data.
Became more comfortable with working in different time zones.

List of recent events attended: all gene team meetings

Goals For the Upcoming Week:

  • Better communication with the group
  • Better Understanding of overall project
  • Presentation on Thursday
  • Next week’s deliverables

Final Assessment(3rd June)
Technical Area:
Learnt about all the plots their usage as well as how to plot them
how to extract data from GEO
how to extract and use metadata
use Affy objects and various methods.
Normalization techniques(rma,gcrma)
Learnt about packages such as limma

Communication and Main working tools
I learnt lots of tools and platforms while working here. Some of them are:-

  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Github
  • R Studio
  • GEO
  • Stem-Away Platform
  • Jupyter Notebook (for python)
  • Bio-star (for doubts related to Bioinformatics)

Soft Skills:
Talked to atleast 10 new colleagues while working here.
Added most of my team mates from GENE Team in my Linkedin account.
Tried to approach people through Linkedin
Had confidence in presenting my work.
Better Public Speaking Skills

Three Achievements:
Took the lead on almost every presentation our team gave.
Varying Time zones were a constant source of trouble for me and my team but still we managed pretty well.
Now have the confidence to take up a separate project of my own and use the skills I acquired here.

List of recent events attended: all gene team meetings

Final Word and Goals For the Future:
I really enjoyed the work culture here at STEM-AWAY with every person looking very dedicated and passionate towards what they were doing. The system was very organised, and from start a clear objective was given to us. What I liked the most was that there were a lot of training sessions from the experts so even if a lead doesn’t know the particular topic, they can also learn from the experts.The people from STEM-Away were friendly and I felt welcome from day 1 even though I started late.

  • I will contact more people through Linkedin and start networking.
  • I will try to use the skills and knowledge acquired from here to use it on my future endeavors and I look forward to promote STEM-Away in their wonderful mission.