Unlock Exclusive Rewards with Group Sign-Ups!

Maximize the Benefits Without Any Upfront Commitment!

Encourage your university network to sign up for free at stemaway.com. Each new member boosts your group’s size, unlocking bigger rewards. These rewards accumulate with every free sign-up, reflecting your group’s collective effort.

To personally benefit from these group-earned rewards and access enhanced features, an individual subscription purchase is required. While your group’s size determines the rewards, activating and enjoying them is contingent upon your subscription.

Easy Steps to Get Started:

  1. Sign Up with Your University Email: Create your STEM-Away account using your university email address.

  2. Prefer social login? No problem! Just add your university email as an alternate email in your profile settings to join your university group seamlessly. (Alternate emails are updated daily)

Set Alternate Email at ☰ → My Account

  1. Automatic University Group Inclusion: Follow the steps above, and you’re in! Being part of your university group qualifies you for exclusive group rewards.

  2. Monitor Your Group’s Size: Keep an eye on your university group’s size anytime. More sign-ups mean more rewards!

Check Group Size at ☰ → My Groups

Maximize Benefits with Our Tack Reward System

Begin your STEM-Away journey and leverage both individual initiative and collective effort with our innovative rewards system. Here’s how you can benefit:

  • Earn Tacks for Group Milestones:
    • 25 Members: Gain 250 tacks. These can be applied to either our Standard Plan (an annual fee of $18 for 90 tacks) or our Premium Plan (an annual fee of $65 for 500 tacks), broadening your platform access.
    • 50 Members: Collect a total of 300 tacks, applicable to any subscription plan for an enriched experience.
    • 100 Members: Accumulate 500 tacks. When combined with the Standard Plan, costing just $18 per year, you effectively get the full benefits akin to the Premium Plan!

Important Update: We’ve shifted from offering discounts to a rewarding tack-based system, alongside reducing our subscription prices for enhanced affordability. This adjustment ensures you gain more value and flexibility in engaging with our platform, keeping our services accessible to all passionate about STEM.

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If you are ready to purchase the package, please visit The STEM-Away® Store.