Tushar_432 - Machine Learning Pathway

Week 1 & 2

Overview of thing learnt
Technical: I learnt about Annotation tools, what are they and how do they work. I got to work on web scraper. Also, I learnt about the concept of Active Learning.
Tools: I learnt how annotations tools work and how are they used in ML projects.
Soft Skills: I got to work on a team project which helped me learn #teamwork, discussing ideas within members, effective #communication.

Achievement highlights

  1. Learnt about concepts of active learning and annotation tools.
  2. Learnt about tagtag, an annotation tool and created a report on it.
  3. Scraped an AI website to obtain tags for posts.

List of meetings/training attended
Meetings :

  1. Team Introduction
  2. Introduction to annotation tools.
  3. Annotation tools and project structure
  4. Web Scrapper Submission

Goals for upcoming weeks

  1. Improve scrapper
  2. Filter posts with specific tags.
  3. Preprocess data

Tasks Done

  1. Task: Learn about annotation tools and create a report on one.
    Hurdles: It is a new topic for me and I was unsure where to start and what points to take care of while choosing an annotation tool.
    Resources provided by team lead helped a lot in getting to know about annotation tools. Also, I took the help of the internet.
  2. Task: Build a scrapper to scare AI forum.
    Hurdles: Was getting exceptions for some lines of code when using selenium.
    Used Beautiful soup instead for some part of scrapper which fasten and rectified the work.