Tupham - Machine Learning (Level 1) Pathway

Module 1 Self-Assessment

Technical Area:

  • Familiarized myself with the basic understanding of Machine learning and NLP
  • Learned how web scraping is achieved by using Beautiful Soup
  • Reviewed basic knowledge of Python through the book “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” and practiced with HackerRank
  • Reviewed basic Linear algebra and calculus from Udemy courses


  • Python, Pycharm
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • BeautifulSoup, Pandas
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Git/GitHub

Soft Skills:

  • Learned project management tools like Jira, GSuite to communicate with teammates

Achievement Highlights:

  • Followed online tutorials and attempted to scrape data from a school website with Python & BeautifulSoup
  • Navigated through Discourse forums in order to get familiar with the platform.


  • Downloaded multiple tools and libraries
  • Watched the NLP Basics webinars and get familiar with ML concepts and a typical ML project workflow
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Module 2 Self-Assessment: Weeks 3 & 4

Overview of Things Learned:

Technical Area:

  • Chose a Discourse platform with our team → Pytorch community

  • Learned how to use selenium webdriver from the resources provided by teammates

  • Familiarized myself with minimal knowledge about HTML as applied to web scraping

  • Practiced to scrape data from the forum and extract elements such as category, topics, etc.


  • VSCode

  • Python, HTML

  • Jupyter Notebooks

  • BeautifulSoup, Selenium, Requests

  • GitHub

Soft Skills:

  • Communicate with teammates on Discord and attended all team meetings

Achievement Highlights:

  • Learned how to scrape the data from the Pytorch forum with the help of code examples from Sara

  • Was able to scrape the data using BeautifulSoup, Requests library and stored it in a csv file

  • Performed basic EDA and data cleaning

Upcoming Goals:

  • Push the module 2 code to the team GitHub

  • Start learning with resources from Module 3