The Student Voice: Role of an observer (Ingrid)

We recently received a request from @Ingrid to move from a participant to an observer role.

Sharing a piece from that message with her permission.

A piece that beautifully captures the essence of an observer role:

Being an observer will allow me to have less burden and more courage to try out the tasks because I wouldn’t worry about not being able to do them correctly

And her final note:

I am very glad for the flexibility of Stem-Away, the chance to experiment, taking up the opportunity of a challenge, but being able to scale back if needed after reevaluating my current capabilities and gauging what would be most beneficial for me at this point. I am looking forward to contributing to the best of my abilities :slight_smile:

Ingrid, we are looking forward to having you on the platform! And following your journey from observer to participant to lead!