TamNguyen - Full Stack Pathway


  • Techincal
    1. Learned how to code in Ruby and connect with the database using PostgreSQL.
    2. Learned how to use AWS
    3. Design the database and restAPI with Java
  • Tools
    1. Asana, used for task assignments and workflow
    2. Discourse
    3. GSuite
    4. Slack, used to communicate
  • Soft Skills
    1. Project Management–Asana
    2. Team Collaboration and Communication
    3. Solution Seeking, finding resources to complete tasks at hand
    4. Planning for group activities


  1. Completed all tasks assigned to me
  2. Plan a thorough list of activities to help get people familiar with the task
  3. Learned how to work well and help others in the group

List of meetings/trainings attended

  • Meeting 1 - Orientation
  • Meeting 2
  • Meeting 3
  • Meeting 6
  • Meeting 7 - SCRUM
  • Discourse Demo
  • AWS Webinar
  • Meeting with an Industry mentor
  • Industry Skills Webinar
  • UX and FS Team Alignment Meetings

Tasks done

  • Learn Ruby on Rails
  • Install Discourse Plug-ins into local discourse instance
    • Hurdles faced and overcome: figure out how to solve my own problems when installing Discourse
  • Sub-team tasks
    • Get familiar with discourse code
      • Hurdles faced and overcome: not previously familiar with rails, solved through tutorials and self-learning
    • Think about how to lower the time complexity of the plug-in algorithm