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Hi guys, can you please post your final assessments in this thread so that you can highlight your experience and contribution in the certificate.
Thank you

Stem-Away Final Assessment 7/10/20
Irene Saito (Quince), Observer role

I learned a bit about the following tools and technologies:
• Asana: how online teams can work together using this tool
• GitHub: how code is shared, and what a branch, commit, and pull request is.
• Ruby: learned about symbols, wrote some loops.
• AWS EC2 and RDS: created and instance and a Postgres database, used PuTTY to SSH into the instance with a private RSA key
• Ajax and Spring frameworks
• Handlebars Framework for JavaScript
• Stripe: for payments and shopping carts

I also gained a better understanding on how HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java (or other backend languages) work together to create dynamic web pages linked to a database.

I attended meetings and trainings on the following dates:
• 5/21/20
• 5/30/20
• 6/2/20
• 6/5/20
• 6/16/20
• 6/20/20
• 6/25/20
• 7/2/20
• 7/8/20

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Final Assessment
Jia Cheng Li, Participant

From this internship, I learned how to use Asana for the first time, and I was able to learn some Ruby and Ember JS. Though we never used Ruby and Ember in our project, I was able to learn some other technologies from our Team Lead’s code. I learned how to use Java for the backend, and I was able to modify/add tables to the database using Java. I was also able to familiarize myself with JQuery while working on the project and I learned that there’s an amazing bootstrap template out there called AdminLTE.

For the project, I modified the food list page and added the ratings component for the review page to the frontend and backend.

I believe I attended all the meetings that we had.

Stem-Away Final Assessment.
Kushal Gautam, Participant

For me, I learned to use Asana and I really liked it. I also took a Coursera course on Ruby and am still doing it. I also got some experiences of JQuery and learned how to use Java for the backend although I used to do the backend in Django or Flask. I also learned detailed concepts of bootstrap and HTML/CSS as a whole.
I modified Log In / Sign Up Pages for the projects.

I attended most of the meetings and went through the videos If I was not able to make it to the meetings.