SkimMilk05 - Full Stack Pathway

Self-assessment I


  • Technical Areas
    • Familiarizing with Discourse stack
    • Brainstorming Theme and Plugin ideas
    • Implementing STEM-away layout idea
  • Tools
    • Ruby
    • PostgreSQL
    • Github
    • Bootstrap4
    • VS Code
  • Soft Skills
    • Project management
      • Asana
    • Team interaction and coordination
      • Slack

Achievement highlights:

  1. Set up workspace (g-suite, Asana, Slack, Discourse stack)
  2. Complete all tasks assigned on Asana
  3. Star Performers

List of meetings/trainings attended

  • Meeting 1 - Orientation
  • Meeting 2
  • Meeting 3
  • Meeting 4
  • Meeting 5
  • Meeting 6
  • Meeting 7 - SCRUM
  • Discourse Demo

Goals for the upcoming week

  • Go through resources to prepare
    • set and get familiar with AWS
    • set up Discourse within AWS
  • Start creating plug-in for open source
    • Post-info will be added on when is it published (Timezone timestamp)
    • Add a specific color schema for replies to distinguish it from posts
    • Removal of Duplicates of replies and embed all the replies at same area
  • Formulate Teams

Tasks done

  • PostgreSQL

    • Set up psql
    • Create a table in Postgres
      • hurdles: none
      • resources used: Youtube tutorial
  • Ruby

    • Create a loop in Ruby
    • Create function in Ruby
      • hurdles: none
      • resources used: codecademy
  • Implement Front-end layout

    • Set three-column layout
    • Implement top navigation
    • Implement sidebar navigation
    • Implement containers to center column
      • hurdles: first time creating web page layout using a front-end CSS framework (Bootstrap) and VS code. Hurdles overcome by using online resources to self-teach.
      • resources: W3Schools, Youtube tutorial
  • Git task

    • Clone the repo
    • Create my own branch
    • Modify the test file
    • Merge changes
    • Push the code
      • hurdles: first time connecting VS Code to github. Hurdles overcome by using online resources to self-teach.
      • Youtube tutorials, especially “Git for poets”
  • List item

Self-Assessment II


  • Technical Areas
    • Learned how to install plugins on Discourse
    • Learned how the Discourse works on Rails on the back-end
  • Tools
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Discourse
  • Soft Skills
    • Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal communication
    • Learned the nuances of the industry
    • Idea forming and brainstorming

Achievement highlights:

  • Learned Ruby on Rails and made my first Rails app
  • Completed all given tasks
  • Attended every meeting

List of meetings

  • Discourse Demo with Debaleena
  • AWS Webinar
  • Meeting with Industry mentor
  • Industry Skills Webinar
  • UX and FS Team Alignment Meetings
  • SCRUM Meetings
  • Sub-team meetings


  • Get more familiar with discourse code
  • Talk about approaches to the plugin, start implementing
  • Collaborate with UX-teams

Tasks done

  • Learn Ruby on Rails through Codecademy and tutorials
  • Install Discourse Plug-ins into local discourse instance
    • Hurdles faced and overcome: instructions different for local instance, solved through help from teammates
  • Sub-team tasks
    • Get familiar with discourse code
      • Hurdles faced and overcome: not previously familiar with rails, solved through tutorials and self-learning
    • Think about how to lower the time complexity of the plug-in algorithm