Skill-Builder Projects and Virtual Internships Tailored for You! 2024 Spotlight - AI Explorations!

Cultivate your career path with our 2024 Spotlight: AI Explorations

A curated mix of proven successes and fresh, market-driven projects for 2024. View the upcoming Skill-Builder Projects below. Engage with our AI Project Engine where the community not only creates but also votes on innovative projects, with the most popular ones being added to our supported project list.

Tech-Driven AI Explorations:

Delve into specialized AI technologies shaping the industry uncovering their vast applications and real-world relevance.

Domain-Specific AI Explorations:

Apply AI to specialized fields like bioinformatics, finance, and more.

Evolutionary Project Series:

Engage with projects that build on past successes and lay the groundwork for future advancements.

Our Commitment: Each track is carefully structured with both foundational and advanced projects to scale your learning to new heights, reflecting the latest industry trends and demands.

Your Voice Matters : We’re eagerly awaiting your feedback to enrich our offerings with additional projects that meet your aspirations and the evolving demands of the industry.

Compare & Contrast: Skill-Builder Projects vs. Virtual Internship Pathways

Feature Skill-Builder Projects Virtual-Internship Projects
Collaboration Type Individual Team
Project Origin Industry-aligned projects created by mentors or users via AI Project Engine Expansions of Skill-Builder Projects
Selection Process Open Based on evaluation of Skill-Builder Project performance
Mentorship Online Resources & AI Mentor; Live Mentor Intervention for Complex Issues Online Resources & AI Mentor; Scheduled milestone reviews with live Mentor Guidance
Project Scope Fixed, with a focus on skill acquisition Expansive, simulating real-world scenarios
Outcome Skill certification Portfolio-worthy project completion
Commitment None Commitment to team
Duration Flexible, self-paced Fixed duration with milestones
Soft Skills Development None Unique opportunity to build & showcase: teamwork, leadership, communication …
STEM-Away® Badges No Yes
Peer Endorsement No Yes

Annual Subscription Plans:

Experience our suite of AI-driven services with two distinct subscription options:

  • Standard Plan ($18/year): Begin with 90 tacks, perfect for one evaluation toward skill certification or a virtual-internship application. Need more? Earn tacks or purchase additional tacks for just $0.25 each.
  • Premium Plan ($65/year): Unlock 500 tacks for wide-ranging use across the platform and enjoy priority access to events with limited space. Earn tacks or extra tacks can be bought at a special rate of $0.15 each.

What Your Subscription Includes:

  • Skills Exploration: Unlimited access for all. Discover your potential with your very own skills compass!
  • AI Project Generation: With just 5 tacks, generate your project using our AI tool. Top-voted proposals enter the STEM-Away® pipeline, allowing you to directly influence our evolving ecosystem.
  • Code-Alongs in Forums: Gain unlimited access to collaborative learning and vibrant discussions in our forums.
  • AI Mentor Code-Alongs: Invest 12 tacks per project for personalized guidance from our AI mentor. Includes access to live mentor sessions for projects active in the STEM-Away pipeline.
  • Evaluations: Allocate 40 tacks per project to assess your skills. Evaluations are crucial for obtaining skill certifications and qualifying for virtual internships.
  • Virtual-Internships: Immerse yourself with no limitations, contingent on successful evaluations.
  • 1-Click® Resume: Enjoy free, unlimited access for job applications. Costs for interview prep tools will be announced.

Note: We’ve set the AI project usage cap high to ensure you have ample support for your projects.

Empower Your STEM Journey: With either plan, you open the door to endless learning and innovation. Whether you’re aiming for certification, gearing up for Virtual Internships, or eager to try new technologies, we’re here to fuel your ambition. Remember, you can also earn additional tacks in various ways, giving you even more opportunities to explore and succeed.

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