Self-Assessment: Module 5 Maryam Momeni

Module 5:

Technical area:

  • Implementing Gene ontology for colorectal cancer and plotting
  • Implementing KEGG pathways enrichment analysis for up-regulated genes of colorectal cancer and showing that in barplot and dot plot
  • Plotting Gene-concept network for KEGG pathways
  • Plotting Gene-concept network for TFs
  • Implementing GSEA

Soft skills:

  • Finding a study design and suitable datasets for the case study of R Shiny app’s article
  • Troubleshooting the errors that I was being got from implementing the codes


  • Enrichplot
  • msigdbrmagrittr
  • clusterProfiler
  • enrichplot
  • tidyr
  • clusterProfiler


  • Obtaining the pathways involved in colorectal cancer
  • Obtaining GSEA plot


I was getting an error while wanted to perform Gene-concept-analysis. So I searched about the problem and find the answer in one of the forums. I updated the clusterProfiler package and the problem was fixed.