Schitoori - Bioinformatics (Level 1) Pathway


  • Learning different techniques to approach and understand a research paper (first general BI interns meeting)
  • Interpretation of statistics in a research paper as well a utilization of all information provided in a database
  • Basics of programs such as R and RShiny coding elements
  • Operational skills of programming in R such as visuals and scripture

Soft Skills:

  • Communication- working with a team and cordinating when to meet and work on orojects
  • Teamwork- accomodating and communicating with other team members during group work and assignments


  • R Studio
  • R Shiny
  • GEO Database
  • GitHub
  • YouTube/Safari


  • Successfully interpreted and interacted with a research paper as well as used citations to furthur understanding of confusing concepts and topics of uncertainty
  • Downloading dataset into R program
  • Utilization of GEO Database during project work


  • I struggled with using the StemAway website and accessing modules in the beginning, but after speaking with my Team leads, I was able to better navigate the site
  • I am new to R Shiny and struggled with using it initially, but after talking to some team members and doing my own research on Safari and YouTube, I have a better understanding of the program
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