Sarahmughal - Bioinformatics Pathway

Concise Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Area: Throughout the past few weeks, I have learned how to effectively analyze scientific literature and how to use R & Python to visualize data.
  • Tools: Using the recorded lessons and webinars, I have been able to catch up on the material taught in the first two weeks of the program and develop my programming skills through them.
  • Soft Skills: I have become very comfortable in communicating with my Team Lead via email when I encounter any issues.

Three Achievement Highlights

  1. Gained skills in R & Python.
  2. Learned how to analyze scientific literature.
  3. Made connections on LinkedIn.

List of Meetings/ Training Attended Including Social Team Events

Unfortunately, due to overlap with the last two weeks of college and finals week, I was only able to keep track of what was happening through the recordings and drive uploads. I plan to really get involved this weekend and catch up with anything I have missed by attending all the meetings!

Goals For The Upcoming Week

I hope to attend all the meetings held this week. I am still a little bit behind because of what I missed during the first two weeks, but I will try my best to catch up!

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Second Self-Assessment

Concise Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Area: Over the past week, I have been able to further develop my skills in using RStudio and Bioconductor packages to visualize data through the creation of various plots and graphs. Although I encountered many problems while creating these graphs, I did not hesitate to reach out and communicate with my team leads and teammates to ensure I was able to submit the deliverables on time. Throughout this process, I also gained a deeper understanding of quality control and PCA and their importance when analyzing data.
  • Tools: Aside from gaining more skills in using R, this week I also was able to become more familiar with using platforms such as Slack and Asana which allowed me to effectively communicate with my team.
  • Soft Skills: Compared to when I first started the internship, I have become more comfortable communicating with team members to plan meetings and delegate tasks.

Three Achievement Highlights

  1. Attended all team meetings and majority of the webinars.
  2. Completed assignments using R that I was previously unable to and reached out to mentors when I encountered problems.
  3. Submitted week 3 deliverables on time.

List of Meetings and Training Attended

This week I attended the team meeting on Monday as well as the technical webinar on Thursday. I was not able to attend the happy hour due to overlap with my summer classes, but I am looking forward to going to the next one!

Goals For The Upcoming Week
I hope to start working on week 4 deliverables as early as possible so that I can reach out for help as problems arise, without worrying about deadlines. I also hope to attend more meetings, especially the happy hours, so I can form better connections with my team.

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Inactive, assessed by Lead