Saloni_Shah - UX & UI Pathway

Prior knowledge of UX before this internship:

  • Conducting the user surveys
  • Implementing the design-thinking process

I studied Design Engineering during my undergraduate and learned the importance of the design thinking process. During my undergrad, for the final year’s project, we visited the plant and studied the existing system, carried out the surveys, and came up with the problem statement and the solution. I was an agricultural-based project.

What I have learned about UX from this internship?:

  • The value and importance of UX research and design in a company.
  • The principles of design and laws of UX and how to carry out the user research methods.
  • Conducting surveys and interviews from the user’s point of view by creating empathy maps, personas, and site mapping using Mural.
  • Learning about Balsamiq for wire-framing (Low-fidelity Prototypes) and Figma (High-fidelity prototypes)

My Role as Lead Tasks:

  • Scheduling team meetings and coordinating with the team.
  • Writing an agenda for each meeting.
  • Delivering presentations on UX to the team followed with the check-in sessions.
  • Delegating and following-up on tasks completed by individual team members on Asana
  • Taking advice from the UX mentor Benjamin Basseches and make sure we maintained the flow and delivering the materials to the team.
  • Coordinating with FS Lead Vrinda Jain to host an informal debating meeting between our teams.
  • Scheduling our Project Showcase and presenting it to @ddas and noting down the feedback.

The biggest challenge I faced during this internship:

  • Leading a team of complete strangers with different backgrounds and various skills as well as making sure all are on the same page.

Dealing with the challenge:

  • Along with my co-lead Antony Georgiadis and co-operating participants it was easy to carry out the June Session and the extension days of the session.
  • We later divided the team into sub-groups for carrying out the tasks.
  • Prepared ice-breakers and constantly made efforts for creating a friendly atmosphere for the team.


  • Led a team in the 6-week internship, through the stages of UX research and design, delivering a showcase of our work and our high-fidelity prototypes.
  • The outcome was satisfactory and just as the team wanted.

Plus Points from this internship:

  • Learned and sharpened my leadership, communication, time-management and project management skills.
  • How to find the solution for the problem statement of any organization that can help in future projects.