Ritika_Sharma - UX & UI Pathway

Self Assessment 1:

With the UX internship starting there has been a lot of exposure in terms of practicing out each step on what actually UX is, basically putting all those online courses in actual practical use.

Things I’ve learned:

-UX Research and UI are two different horizons but go parallelly for building up a product with the user at the core
-Empathizing with the user on the platform and understanding the crux problem by conducting various interviews
-Making persona from those interviews (defining stage of the process)
-Finally ideating the solution from the obstacles

Achievement highlights:

-Created the interview questions
-Brainstormed with more possible tasks and question-based user interviews
-Conducted and interviewed users
-Made persona from the interviews
-Created Team East Communication Channel

Meetings: I have attended meetings and except that taken interviews on various google meet:
6/8, 6/11, 6/15

Goals for the week:

Learn to create visual mockups on Figma

Tasks I have Done:

-I ideated the potential questions along with my teammate
-Also, scheduled interviews and interviewed the user on the STEM-Away as I love interacting with people and understand their view about their journey (UX Journey) on the platform
-Based on that, I proposed to make the persona from a resourceful site and that helped us to easily characterize the target user for the platform and I worked on creating the Technical Persona.
-Later on, I made the Empathy Map and the Bull’s Eye Diagram along with a paper prototype as the solution.

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Self Assessment 2:

Things I have learned:

-Team building and helping others get started with Figma
-Importance of using Prototypes with constructive feedback
-Bringing up little changes that can make a greater impact

Three Achievements:

-Made the low-fi prototype from the homepage to the messaging system
-Made the hi-fi prototype and organized office hours to help the team build one easily
-Presented the hi-fi model to the FS team as well

Meetings Attended:

6/16 Team Meeting, 6/18(Figma Q&A as well as Team Meeting), 6/19 (Team Meeting),6/21(Team East Meeting for creating prototype), 6/23 (Team Meeting as well as UX&FS Team Alignment)

Goals for this week:

-Adopt changes to the hi-fi based on the reviews
-Organize doubt session for hi-fi
-Work on more features to incorporate to the current model

Tasks Done:

I attended all of our team meets and since I was familiar with Figma I helped my team to get familiar with the tool. I coordinated and scheduled “OPEN DOUBT SESSION” for my teammates regarding our Hi-fi fidelity prototype and also suggested an additional feature of “People to follow”. I also attended a sync meeting among UX and FS teams, which helped us receive feedback on our prototype and later on presented that to the team.

Things I have learned:

-Applying the changes to the hi-fi in accordance with the platform
-Implementing UX with web development possibilities
-Importance of good and effective design

Three Achievements:

-Came up with a different approach to HI-Fi and suggested a section such as People to follow and the My thread section
-Revisited the messaging forum page
-Made the hi-fi for the reply system

Meetings Attended:

Attended all the organized meetings: 6/25 (Team Meeting), 6/26 (Team Meeting), 6/29 (Team Meeting), 6/30 (Team Meeting)

Goals for this week:

-Prepare with the final forum hi-fi model
-Make the ppt with the storyline along with Linlin and Kenda this Sunday
-End my enlightening journey with my team and leads (that I’ll miss a lot)

Tasks Done:

Made few changes to the proposed hi-fi model and now would be making the final hi-fi based in the low-fi model given by Sarah with the suggestion of our team. Presented the whole look to the Dabaleena as well and approach to the final project overview!