Przhang - Bioinformatics Pathway

Self Assessment for Priscilla Zhang

1. Overview of Things Learned

Technical Area

  • By reading the research paper several times over, attending the Technical Webinars and going through the recordings on the Webinar, I now feel like I have a strong command of the biological terminology and have a better understanding of the paper.
  • Learned how to code in R and use R studio
  • Learned, utilized and implemented (in practice) graphs using the packages in R such as Heat maps, Volcano Plots, scatter plots and bar graphs.
  • Gained a better understanding of the importance and utility of PCA
  • Understand the packages and tools in Python used for bioinformatics


  • Stem-Away Platform
  • Asana
  • R & R Studio
  • Slack
  • Jupyter Notebook to run Python
  • GEO, KEGG Database

Soft Skills

  • Time Management
    Balancing the workload of STEM-Away with other responsibilities while working remotely
  • Peer Collaboration
  • Asking questions during Webinars or meetings
    Challenging myself to focus, engage in and participate during all meetings.
  • Reaching out to Project and Team Leads with any questions and concerns
  • Professional Online Etiquette
  • Professional Communication Etiquette

2. Three achievement highlights

  • I am comfortable discussing the content of the research paper with others
  • Learned how to code in R and utilize its various packages to create plots. Comfortable interpreting the plots.
  • Completed the all the Python exercises. Still working on the R exercises!

3. Meetings Attended

  • Technical Webinar #1, #2, #3
  • Team 4 First Official Meeting
  • R Training Workshop #1, #2
  • Team 4 Meeting
  • Logistical Webinar
  • Welcome Session on Leadership & Program Management by Stephanie & Katie
  • Gene Team Meeting
  • Asana Training

4. Goals for the upcoming week.

  • Start to gain a better understanding of the figures in the research paper. Message Team Leads with any question.
  • Continue to practice with R. Finish the exercises given to us for practice.
  • Meet with my small team and begin our tasks
  • Attend Happy Hour & become more acquainted with my teammates
  • Play around with Asana to become more familiar with the platform

5. Request Change of Role
I would like to change from a Participant to a Task Lead!