Prallapally - Bioinformatics Pathway

Things I learned:

  • Reviewed the basics and extended knowledge of Python
  • Learned basic knowledge of R; how to plot certain graphs, syntax, etc.
  • Introductory understanding of genetics and differential gene expression

Achievement Highlights:

  • Learned a basic understanding of R

  • Understood the relationship between data science and gene expression (and subsequent effects)
    Meetings and Trainings Attended:

  • Kickoff Meeting

  • 6/2: R training,

  • 6.3: Technical training webinar,

  • 6/8: Gene Team meeting,

  • 6/9: R training, UG meeting

  • 6/10: Logistical webinar, Technical training

  • 6/12: R Training

  • 6/15: Gene Team meeting

  • 6/16: Asana training

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Do more research and have a better understanding of the paper
  • Show up for the Happy Hour meetings
  • Improve skills in every field (more specifically biology and R)

Tasks Completed:

  • Python Set 1
  • R Set 1

My Role: Observer

  • Things Learned:
    Analysis of the raw and normalized data
    Importance of normalizing data
    Using R and many of its packages to create numerous plots and reports
    Organizing team meetings and assigning and completing tasks
  • Three Achievement Highlights: Completed all of the exercises, completed my share of the deliverables, and plotted accurate graphs and created reports
  • Meetings Attended: 6/15 Gene Team Meeting, 6/16 Asana Training, 6/16 Python and Pandas Webinar, 6/17 Technical Training Webinar, 6/18 Gene Team Meeting, 6/19 Gene Team Happy Hour
  • Goals for the upcoming week: Help create a good presentation for Thursday