Norman_Zvenyika - Bioinformatics (Level 1) Pathway

Module 1 Self-Assessment

Technical Area

  • Installed RStudio
  • Learned basic R fundamentals such coding and syntax
  • Learned how to read scientific papers


  • RStudio
  • R
  • Win-Zip

Soft Skills

  • Effective time management – meeting tasks deadlines and managing other activities that I am doing.
  • Effective communication with my team (both synchronous and asynchronous)

Achievement Highlights

  • Successfully install RStudio
  • Familiarized myself with R syntax and working in RStudio
  • Practiced reading research papers of my choice

Difficulties during the tasks

STEM-Away website was difficult to navigate. I got help from the project leads


Module 2:


  • Created a metadata file using a text file from the GEO database.

  • Downloaded and installed several packages for module 3

Soft Skills:

  • Communication

  • Troubleshooting


  • R Studio

  • WinZip

  • Excel

  • GEO Database

  • Bioconductor

  • GEOquery


  • Successfully downloaded data from the GEO database

  • Created a metadata file

  • Imported metadata into rStudio


  • I had a challenge with using the ReadAffy command. I received help from the project leads.