My Experience with STEM-Away's Virtual Internship - June 2020 Session

I happened to see a post on a coding Facebook group about STEM-Away’s virtual internships and I’m glad I did. I’ve recently completed a boot camp in Full Stack Web Development and am looking to re-enter the workforce after a long hiatus (18 years!) raising kids. UX has been something I’ve wanted to learn more about and see if it is a good career fit for me. A virtual internship is a terrific and accessible way to test the waters in a pathway as well as provide essential experience. Since I’m not a current college student, internships seem even harder to come by so I am thankful for the STEM-Away platform.

Our UX Team was adeptly led by @AntonyGeorgiadis and @Saloni_Shah. They were committed, organized and responsive and it was clear they wanted us to learn the fundamentals of UX as well as industry tools like Balsamiq and Figma. A virtual internship is a great way to connect with fellow interns from all over the world. We even got to do fun virtual team-building exercises. Even though my teammates were pretty much the ages of my kids I never really felt out of place as we worked through the five stages of the Design Thinking Process and ultimately produced a high-fidelity prototype of the STEM-Away site.

STEM-Away provided me with a terrific segue from my Full Stack boot camp into pursuing a career in UX. Thank you @ddas!

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