Mharrison - UX & UI Pathway

Overview of Things Learned:

Technical Area:

  • Learned to use design software such as Figma, Mural, and Miro to learn and collaborate on affinity mapping, card sorting, information architecture and low fidelity prototyping.
  • Experimented with giving interviews and survey questions to specific users for our technical area
  • Learned to create personas


  • Figma
  • Mural
  • Miro

Soft Skills:

  • Built up communication skills with people who were more experienced in this field
  • Collaborated with teammates on projects

Achievement Highlights

  • Before this internship, I had no knowledge of software such as Figma, Mural and Miro, but I was able to get comfortable using it and learned how to navigate through each one efficiently
  • I was able to become a better communicator when it came to talking to my teammates. Communicating efficiently is not a strong suite of mine.

Meetings Attended:

July 15 – August 5

Goals for the Upcoming Week:

Finish low fidelity prototype

Update the aesthetics of the persona

Tasks done:

  • Interviews
  • Survey Questions
  • Persona
  • Affinity mapping
  • Card sorting
  • Information Architecture