Mdmittriy - Full Stack Pathway

Things Learned

  1. Technical Area

    • The basics understanding of Python, Ruby, Git, and Github.
  2. Tools

    • Stem-Away forum
    • Asana
    • Discourse
    • Git and Github
    • VS Code
    • Slack
    • GSuite
  3. Soft Skills

    • More effective use of Google Calendar
    • Better understanding of how to assign and complete tasks in Asana
    • Gained more confidence talking to teammates
    • Improved my version control and collaboration skills


 1. Set up my local instance of discourse even though I have encountered many strange bugs

 2. Read two hundred pages of Python for beginners book

 3. Read two hundred pages of a book about Basic Computer Networking

 4. Did all what was assigned to me 

 5. Attended all meetings except the first one due to the time zone difference

General Q&A
[OH] FS by Sion
[OH] FS by Vrinda
How to get a job in CS field
Project Tools
Industry Mentor
Discourse Codebase
FS Team 2 Meeting


  1. Reinstall Windows on my PC and reinstall Discourse with all the required plugins (my C drive is getting full)

  2. Learn more about git/github and complete this week’s task

  3. Read " Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes"

Tasks done:

  1. Installed local instance of Discourse. I couldn’t clone all what was needed for discourse to run properly, so I installed many things manually for my local instance. I googled all my errors since at that time it was night time in the U.S. And after a few hours of trial and error I completed the task.

  2. I have never programmed in Ruby before but in order to write a class in Ruby I have watched the suggested 4-hour long youtube tutorial. After that, I didn’t have much trouble completing the Ruby assignment.

  3. Also, I gained some experience with Git/Github. I created my own repository on Github and played with it, I made a few branches then merged them, pushed and pulled changes, and so on.

The second self-assessment

1. Things learned

  • (Technical Area) Understanding and implementation of developing a basic remote or local theme in the discourse
  • (Soft Skills) Now able to easier convey my ideas to the team

2. Achievements

  • Came up with 2 theme development ideas all which were accepted and are now in the process of developing (there a total of 3 theme ideas)
  • Fully reinstalled Windows, WSL 2, Ubuntu, and Discourse in order for it to work properly
  • Read and followed through the Theme Development guide
  • Attended two optional webinars for the development of my technical skills

3. Meeting

  • Python Webinar for Beginners
  • GitHub Webinar
  • Subteam 3 Meeting
  • Week WrapUp Meeting

4. Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Understand better how the whole discourse system works in order to be able to know where and how to put our theme component
  • Get accustomed to using theme creator and theme CLI

5. Tasks done

  • Provided useful ideas for theme components
  • Watched the whole GitHub for Poets playlist on youtube and did GitHub task
  • Read and partially implemented Theme Development Guide
  • Took a feedback survey

The third self-assessment (it’s a little short since the previous self-assessment was written 3 days ago)

1. Things learned

  • (Technical Area) Better understanding of: Unix system, bash terminal commands, and file hierarchy in discourse
  • (Soft Skills) Developing confidence in conveying complex ideas

2. Achievements

  • Attended all of the meetings since the last self assessment
  • Got a grasp of how Unix OS works and basics of bash terminal commands
  • Once again glanced through Developer’s Theme’s guide

3. Meeting

  • Week WrapUp Meeting
  • RuntimeTerror Meeting

4. Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Continue with my subteam on developing theme for popups in categories
  • Get a better grasp of how Linux and Discourse work internally
  • Develop a better understanding of handlebars in order to figure out how to incorporate our plugin in the vast discourse system

5. Tasks done

  • Installed configured Linux Mint and Discourse on my main laptop
  • Finished Theme Creator/CLI guide on meta.discourse

The fourth self-assessment!

1. Things learned

  • (Technical Area) Better understanding of: Visual Studio Code, GitHub, and Discourse repository
  • (Soft Skills) Developed confidence in conveying complex ideas to my teammates

2. Achievements

  • Attended all major the meetings and most of the subteam 3 meetings
  • Proposed a bug fix code
  • Watched and read all required meetings and articles

3. Meeting

  • RuntimeTerror Meeting (08/13)
  • FS Team 2 Meeting
  • RuntimeTerror Meeting (08/18)
  • SubTeam 3 KickOff and Recap meetings (08/18 & 08/19)

4. Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Make the envelope button automatically toggle on/off and show appropriate messages
  • Change hover on button name
  • Make the button visible only to logged-in users

5. Tasks done

  • Milestone Post Week 5 link to my mid-week accomplishments
  • Wrote a separate header.html code that makes the empty container for dropdown messages toggle on/off automatically
  • Tried to merge mentioned above code with the one on GitHub through active use of my local instance of discourse
  • Found and reported two minor bugs in the main code

The 5th self-assessment!

1. Things learned

  • (Technical Area) Had real hands-on experience with: Vim text editor, GitHub, and Discourse repository.
  • (Soft Skills) Developed confidence in conveying complex ideas to my teammates

2. Achievements

  • Attended all meetings
  • Fixed an issue in our code
  • Dug into the discourse and stem-away codebase

3. Meeting

  • Industry Mentor Meeting
  • RunTimeTerror Mid Week Recap
  • Subteam 3 Kick Off Meeting
  • RunTimeTerror Week Recap
  • Preparing Final Presentation Meeting

4. Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Prepare for Full Stack Final Presentation!

5. Tasks done

A detailed rundown of the specific tasks that I have done can be found here: Milestone Post Week 6

  1. Testing the code that we had in the beginning of the week I noticed that auto toggle off function of the message button didn’t work as intended. I conveyed my observation to the team and started working on figuring out what’s wrong with the code. Not finding the bug, I wrote a specific code from scratch that does rightly what the dev code doesn’t. Here it is:
    header (1).html (1.1 KB)
    However Jae was able to find a typo in his original code, so the snippet that I wrote wasn’t of any particular use to us.

  2. The second thing on which I worked is figuring out a way to get rid of the message button when the user logged out. Here is a condition that I added to our code:

const user = Discourse.User.current();
   if (user !== null) {
.......... our code ..........
  1. I also corrected a typo that was mentioned before and pushed this code to our subteam3 branch on GitHub.