Master37mind - Bioinformatics Pathway

Concise overview of things learned:

  • Technical area: R programming, Basic knowledge of bioinformatics like microarray sequencing, PPI network, KEGG pathway

  • Tools: R and RStudio, GEO database, Slack, Asana

  • Soft skills: Online meeting communication skills, such as discussion of research paper with teammates.

Three achievement highlights:

  • Get 2 points in “Heads Up!” game in the Happy Hour of the first week ( A great challenge for me because I am not familiar with American pop culture lol )

  • Learn R starting from zero

  • Start using LinkedIn and make multiple connections with STEM-Away teammates and classmates.

List of meetings/ training attended:

  • All the team meetings, Happy hours, Technical training webinars and the Logistical webinar

  • All the R training workshops

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Be more active in discussion and happy hours

  • Improve R programming skills

  • Get to know my teammates well

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