Marawan_Ghazali - UX & UI Pathway

Self Assessment 1:

I am a part-time participant, I have some experience in UX design through school projects that I have worked on and willing to learn more about the topic.

Overview of things learned

  • Technical
    • Creating user experience maps such as empathy and stakeholder maps.
    • User -centered design: Personas.
  • Tools
    • Balsamiq for low-fidelity prototype.
  • Soft skills
    • Teamwork: where I partnered with another student in some of the task that I worked on.
    • Work ethic: Helped forming good habits such as focusing on each task that I work on and staying motivated.
    • Communications: By expressing myself effectively in the workplace and among my team members.

Achievement highlights

  • Understand users by creating different collaborative visualization maps.
  • Enhance my skills as a team player by being a part of a professional team.
  • Learning new software

Meetings/ training attended

I have attended all the meetings that was conducted by our team leader. Those meetings introduced me to the new topics that we were learning and new tasks that was assigned to us.

Goals for the upcoming week

  • Working on creating high-fidelity prototype using Figma.
  • Exploring more about UX design as it’s a topic that interests me.

Tasks done

  • Creating stakeholder map.
  • Crating empathy map.
  • Conducting user research by introducing new people to the STEM-Away website, assigning tasks for them and write down their opinions about the website.
  • Interviewing a team member in order to understand their career goals, ideas and thoughts about the website.
  • Creating persona design.

Final Self Assessment:

I have learned a lot in the past few weeks about UX design and research techniques. In those five weeks, I enjoyed being a part of such an amazing and talented team.

Overview of things learned


Figma for low and high fidelity prototypes.

Soft skills

Teamwork: where I partnered with two other students working on low and high fidelity prototypes.

Work ethic: Stayed motivated through the project and enjoyed working on projects through completion.

Achievement highlights

Learning new software (Figma) and coming up with ideas for STEM-Away’s wwebsite

Goals for the upcoming week

Exploring more about UX design as it’s a topic that interests me.

Finalizing our high-fidelity design for the website and making a presentation showcasing results