Machine Learning Module 2 Self assessment - Amath SOW

Technical Area :

  • I understand now how to use scrape data from the web using BeautifulSoup and Selenium

  • Use car talk forum and scrape data

  • perform basic cleaning and remove html tags

  • I understand how to convert data into a csv file


  • Beautiful Soup

  • Selenium


  • Car talk forum

  • i use stem away web site from past cohort

Soft Skills:

  • Troubleshooting using different channels(stem away, stack overflow, Youtube, group members) when getting stuck

  • Communication with others team members

  • Self learning


  • learned how to scrape data from the car talk forum and save it into csv file

  • learned how to do data data clean and preprocessing

  • learned how to collect the data using a dataframe and save it into a csv file

  • learned RNN, LSTM and transformer


  • Scrap the data from the car talk forum

  • Perform data cleaning by removing html tags

  • use a dataframe to collect the data and save it into a csv file