Machine Learning Level 1 Self Assessment - Joyce Huang

**Technical Area **

  • Learned basics of machine learning
  • Learned about Beautiful Soup
  • Understand the concept of webscraping

**Tools **

  • Python
  • Visual Studio Code
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Trello
  • Discord
  • Google Colab

**Soft Skills **

  • Communicate with team members using Google Meet
  • Joined team discord server
  • Get to know team members through ice breakers
  • Explore and understand how to use Trello to organize tasks

**Achievement Highlights **

  • Gained a better understanding of machine learning
  • Learned how to use Trello


  • Watched tutorials on the basics of machine learning
  • Download required Python Libraries for machine learning
  • Understand what the Python Libraries are used for
  • Met up with team members and decided on a team name
  • Chose forum to scrape with team members


  • Gain a better understanding of webscraping forums
  • Check-in with team members
  • Continue learning more about machine learning through the modules