Machine Learning Level 1 Module 3 Self Assesment- Serafina Alhadad


  • Using a bag of words to convert the useful information (word vector)
  • Web Scraping
  • understanding VS Code and CVS files more


  • Google Colab
  • VS Code
  • nltk
  • pandas

Soft Skills:

  • Asked group members questions
  • Looked at various blogs and youtube videos to help me understand concepts and code


  • Was able to figure out Bag of Words in my code
  • Figured out how to do 7 features and implement them in my code
  • Clean the data so that I can use it in my recommender system
  • Became more familiar with VS code


  • Cleaned the data so that it can be used for my model
  • Understood what Bag of Words was
  • Figured out cosine similarity


  • I kept running into issues with my code because I kept getting little errors
  • I had trouble downloading a package, but eventually figured it out
  • I still do not fully understand all the concepts like cosine similarity
  • I am not done with my code, I am trying to figure out how to debug and implement the 5 simple machine learning classification models and train them on my data.