Machine Learning - Level 1 Module 2 - Lael Davis

Technical Area:

  • Got a great introduction to scrapy and bs4
  • Learned a lot about the process of collecting and cleaning data to fit into certain formats and transformers
  • Learned about different NLP algorithms and ways to implement into current project alongside our practice with forums


  • VSCode
  • VIM (small coding edits)
  • Google Colab
  • Anaconda (mainly for virtual env)

Soft skills:

  • Enjoyed debugging my code and understanding more about reading up on documentation, in particular with beautifulsoup
  • Learned more about the web scraping element and spiders/web crawlers


  • Scrape data from forums and understanding bs4 library and the usage of the .name, .get and .find_all() keywords
  • Able to store and clean data into a df and able to store into any kind of file, not necessarily always needing to be a database (exported into .txt and .JSON file)


  • Chose my discourse forum to be the Forum Anime Network (AN)
  • Was able to scrape the data by using BeautifulSoup and Requests library
  • Worked on cleaning data and also worked on some Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)