Machine Learning - Level 1 Module 2 - Chris(Seojin) Park

Things that I learned

Technical Area:

  • Learned how to use Beautiful Soup in python

  • Learned how to look at website’s source

  • Learned how Python works

  • Learned how to Web Scrape

Soft Skills:

  • Learned what to look for while looking at a website’s source code.

  • Learned what data should be scraped from the website

  • Learned how Websites are structured

  • Got familiar with Anaconda and my computer’s command prompt


  • Successfully scraped data from one of the forums provided

  • Successfully scraped data from a simpler website

  • Found the elements that I was looking for in the html and converted them into text

  • Cleaned the data by getting rid of the html

  • Organized the data and labled each data that was scraped.

  • Understood how Web scraping worked

  • Understood how the find and find all method worked in beautiful soap 4

Tasks Completed:

  • Scraped one of the forums provided in Stem away

  • Read the tutorial for Web scraping 3 ~ 4 times

  • Explored my data after gathering it and analyzed it

  • Performed basic cleaning to remove html tags from data


  • Had trouble cleaning the data, I used the .text.strip() method just like the tutorial, but it would not print out anything. It printed out the numbers of views and replies in each post but It did not print the title and url(leaved a blank space).

  • I struggled because I never worked with python. I never had any experience in web scraping or anything of the kind, but I figured out by watching many youtube tutorials and the tutorials provided by Stem Away