KyleDing - Machine Learning Pathway

  • Concise overview of things learned. Break it up into Technical Area, Tools, Soft Skills
    Technical: web scraping with BeautifulSoup and Selenium, and this is my first time doing web scraping. I also learned data preprocessing for NLP data. As for the rest, I have had a decent exposure to git, ML frameworks and algorithms, but it’s still a good practice.
    Tools: Google Colab, github, BeautifulSoup, Selenium
    Soft skill: communicating in this virtual manner

  • Three achievement highlights

  1. web scraping with BeautifulSoup and Selenium
  2. data cleaning
  3. NLP preprocessing methods, especially BOW
  • List of meetings/ training attended including social team events
    I was busy helping my PhD mentor with his NeuroIPS submission and my midterm test for summer semester, so I didn’t attend the first few meetings, but I later caught up with the recording.

  • Goals for the upcoming week.
    Presentation on BOW with Keras
    Understand (at least roughly) BERT

  • Request change of role if it applies. You may request to become a task lead. Or switch between participant and observer roles.
    I would like to switch to an observer role since I got a new side project upcoming.

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Participation/ performance not adequate for a certificate. Assessed by leads.