Kpacheco - Machine Learning Pathway

6/16/20 Self Assessment

Things Learned
Learned the basics of parsing through discourse forums with Python. I also learned what I should be looking for on a website when trying to scrape data from it in addition to some key python libraries such as pickle and beautiful soup. I learned about some of the common machine learning models and some of the associated vocabulary. I learned how to use Github.


  1. Completed most weekly reports on time.
  2. Specialized webcrawler/scraper for the discourse forum of my choice.
  3. Completed simple recommender for my forum.

Attended the Github training and biweekly team meetings.

Goals for upcoming week
Create a simple recommendation system that will pair a fixed topic with its closest match from our forum data.

Tasks done

  1. Joined all team platforms with mentorchains account.
  2. Completed all biweekly team reports.
  3. Completed scraper/crawler and uploaded .pickle files for my chosen forum (gearboxsoftware) to the team’s google drive.