Kimbm2014 - Full Stack (Level 2) Pathway


  • Technical Area

Learning a new language, Ruby, and applying the language in various problems. Using Atom and Github properly. Communicating with my teammates about our project.

  • Tools

Ruby, GitHub, Git, Atom, Trello

  • Soft Skills

Watching Ruby and Github lectures and practicing the knowledge on Atom.

Three achievement highlights

  1. Read and downloaded all required files such as Ember.js and SCSS.
  2. Completed branch, commit, and push to GitHub successfully.
  3. Watched all of the lecture videos on this module step by step.

Statement of tasks completed

  1. Learned Ruby with the lecture videos.
  2. Learned how to use git & Github and Trello.
  3. Installed, ran Discourse on my local machine and looked around the Discourse website.

Goals for next week

  1. getting more familiar with ruby language and Ember.js
  2. browse the Discourse website, and get some sources about a theme and plug-in information for my team project.