KendaFlores - UX & UI Pathway

First Self Assessment:

Things I’ve learned:

  • Learned more about UX and the design process
  • How to create interview questions that will help design decisions
  • How to conduct user interviews
  • How to review and transcribe user interviews
  • How to create personas

Achievement highlights:

  • Helped create interview questions
  • Created a post to get interview participants
  • Conducted interviews with a fellow team member

Meetings: 6/4, 6/5, 6/8, 6/11, 6/15

Goals for the week:
Learn how to use Figma to create digital prototypes

Tasks I’ve done:
I’ve helped create interview questions to better understand the needs of STEM-Away users. I create a post to find interview volunteers and helped conduct interviews. I also helped transcribe interviews and debrief the answers we heard. I created an empathy map to understand users and created a persona for a usual non-technical user of STEM-Away based on interviews we conducted.

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Final Self Assessment:

Main Things I learned

  • The importance of user research in order to create a product that will satisfy user’s needs
  • How to ask effective and non leading questions during interviews to get the most feedback
  • Effectiveness and importance of the design thinking process
  • How to use Figma to create collaborative prototypes
  • Importance of having different stages of prototyping (paper, low fidelity and high fidelity)

Top Achievements:

  • Creating interview questions and helping conduct interviews
  • Organizing interview responses into empathy maps
  • Creating our main persona, Ash, using results from our surveys and interviews
  • Creating the paper prototype for our direct messaging design
  • Help combine two different designs to create our high fidelity prototype for messaging
  • Presenting user research and paper prototypes to stakeholders

Skills Developed:

  • Team communication and organization
  • How to use Figma to create prototypes
  • Using MURAL to create a variety of empathy maps, bulls eye diagrams and personas
  • Minutes of meeting note taking
  • Conducting effective user research through surveys and interviews
  • Building costumer personas

The main challenge that I faced was finding a good meeting time that would work for both me and team mate when we were conducting interviews.

How I will use this experience:
This experience has taught me the importance of conducting good consumer research and most importantly has given me the tools to effective conduct it. Right now, I am thinking about pursuing a career in software engineering or front end development. The skills this experience has taught me will strengthen my other skills as a developer so that I may bring my users a product that they will truly enjoy and will want to come back to again.