Justine_Chou - UX & UI (Level 2) Pathway

What I learned:

  • Communicating and collaborating in a team setting
  • Better use of Discord and Figma

Achievement highlights:

  • Learning more about Figma and the UX design process in general
  • Taking on a new role as a Project Team Lead

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Improve wireframes and move on to mockups in Figma
  • Gain a better understanding of the Bioinformatics community and product requirements
  • Reach out to Bioinformatics team regarding questions and clarifications

Tasks done:

  • Created Discord channel for team to meet and communicate
  • Sent LettuceMeet to schedule daily meetings
  • Watched UX Kick-off Meetings/Recordings
  • Reviewed previous research/deliverables by Session 1 Teams
  • Wrote out product requirements document
  • Worked on initial wireframes in Figma