Jscott - Full Stack Pathway

Things Learned:

  • Techincal
    1. Learned the basics of Ruby , PostgreSQL , HTML/CSS , and Git
    2. Implementation of web page designed by a task lead
  • Tools
    1. Asana, used for task assignments and workflow
    2. Discourse
    3. GSuite
    4. Slack, used to communicate
    5. VS Code, chosen editor for development
  • Soft Skills
    1. Project Management–Asana
    2. Team Collaboration and Communication
    3. Task Assignment and Completion
    4. Solution Seeking, finding resources to complete tasks at hand


  1. Taught myself to code my first web page ever
  2. Achieved " Weekly Star Performer" - Mr. Interactive - Always interacting within the meetings! Shined out, especially in the interaction tasks given to the team!
  3. Completed all tasks assigned to me
  4. Attended every meeting


  • 5 daily meetings in week 1 including the orientation meeting
  • 2 meetings in week 2
  • Discourse Demo meeting in week 3.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Setting up AWS accounts on Discourse
  • Await and complete newly assigned tasks
  • Work with my new subgroup on the plugin and planning out tasks for the next week
  • Continue to work through all of the remaining resources to get ready for plugin development

Task Detail:

  • Ruby:
    • Set up Ruby environment
    • Created functions and loops
  • PostgreSQL
    • Set up PostgreSQL
    • Create a table
      • Hurdles: didn’t know how to start
      • Solution & Resources: Google & Youtube tutorials
  • Webpage Layout Design
    • Top navigation
    • Sidebar
    • 3 column body
    • Round Edges
    • Change Background Color
  • GitHub
    • Clone the repo
    • Create my own branch
      • Hurdles: I didn’t know how to create my own branch, so I used the Git tutorials provide by the ML industry expert as well as my team lead Priyanka
    • Modify the test file
    • Merge changes
      • This task provided many challenges as I didn’t have an understanding of keeping track of both my local repo and the remote repo, Priyanka helped me through this.
    • Push the code to remote repo

Self-Assessment II:


  • Technical
    • Familiarization with Discourse codebase
    • Installation of Discourse Plugins
  • Tools
    • Discourse
    • Ruby on Rails
  • Soft Skills
    • Problem Solving
    • Industry Skills and Etiquette for virtual teams


  • Implemented plugin changes on Discourse
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Familiarized myself with setting up EC2 instances

Team and Industry Correspondence Meetings:

  • Discourse Demo with Debaleena
  • AWS Webinar
  • Meeting with Industry mentor
  • Industry Skills Webinar
  • UX and FS Team Alignment Meetings
  • SCRUM/Sprint Meetings
  • Sub-team meetings

Completed Tasks:

  • Install Discourse Plug-ins into local discourse instance
    • Hurdles faced and overcome: instructions different for local instance, solved through help from teammates
  • 2 AWS Course Certifications
  • Sub-task completion:
    • Class implementation
    • Distinction between comment and reply within the codebase
    • Changing the styling for duplicate reply