Introducing the STEM-Away Mentor Chains

Become a part of the STEM-Away Mentor Chains . Each & every person in the STEM pipeline has something unique to offer …

Mentors are critical for success in a STEM career. And while we can learn from the professionals at the top of our fields, it’s often the person one or two steps ahead on the ladder that can help us the most. Mentor Corner provides nuanced guidance on college admissions & navigation, answers to questions that matter most, and helpful advice from students and counselors.

Are you a few steps along on the STEM path? We want every student participant to be both a mentor AND a mentee. By giving advice and encouraging your peers & juniors, you will be rated as a Top Mentor, boosting your resume and increasing your profile. Here at STEM-Away, mentoring is treated as a top skill, reflecting our belief that it is a vital part of growing your STEM career.