Internships - The STEM-Away Approach with Michael Greene, Vice President, Intel (Highlights)

Getting that 1st internship, it was so challenging. What is the one question they ask you as you interview for an internship: What other internships have you done? Wait a sec! I am trying to get my first one. So, when I saw the STEM-Away approach and what Debaleena was sharing with me, that virtual aspect of it and getting practical experience is just so incredible.

That is what makes me so excited about the presentation today. I get to see what you have already done. What you have accomplished with the STEM-Away approach. If you are interviewing, nothing more powerful than I have done real work, here are the results.

As each of you stopped talking, you muted. I thought hey wow, this team has done a lot of communication online!

The teamwork, the cross geography effort, the jumping into a codebase that you have never seen before and finding a way to navigate that, the challenges you have faced in a short order and conquered so much are going to be daily activities wherever you find employment … this has been quite impressive …excellent work

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