Hyeonmin_Song - Full Stack (Level 2) Pathway

1. An Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Area: learned about Discourse, open source forums such as git and Ruby, learned about Ember,js
  • Tools: Discourse, Github, Ruby, command-line tools,Ember.JS
  • Soft Skills: Learned to communicate with teams about the project.

2. Achievement Highlights

  • I was able to successfully download Discourse and ensure that it ran properly
  • From videos and articles, I was able to teach myself some Ruby-syntax
  • I familiarized myself with the new format for the full stack pathway as well as the plan for the upcoming weeks

3. Challenges

  • Initially, I ran into the error messaging downloading discourse via terminal, but was able to solve using stack-overflow.
  • It was un-clear of where i get all the resources so I was struggling to start early on the project, but one of the teammate guided me when I reached out to him.

4. Goals For Module 2

  • To gain a deeper understanding of Ruby and rails
  • To learn to use Github in the context of a team (merge, pull, branches)
  • Learn to leverage the DOM inspector to supercharge the theme development process
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Good Job, however change the topic name to not just mentioning module 1. This post will contain all the self-assessment through week 1 to the end of the program by sequence.