FionaAu - UX & UI Pathway

UX Project Lead Self-Assessment

Technical Skills/Tools Used and Taught:
-Google Suite
Soft Skills:
-Project Management
-Presentation Skills
-Assign work and give feedback on it
-Mentoring and Guidance
-Presented PowerPoints to participants to teach them about UX Research and Design
-Mentored participants, giving feedback on prototypes and presentations
-Introduced participants to the world of UX Research and Design, and for those already introduced, gave them more knowledge and experience
Meetings/Trainings Attended:
-Team Icebreakers
-Presentations teaching participants UX Research and Design
-Feedback sessions for participants to improve their prototypes and presentations
Hurdles Faced:
-Helped participants communicate when they were having trouble communicating
-Reached out to a participant who wasn’t that responsive to reestablish expectations