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:key: FAQ: Virtual-Internships

  • What’s the relationship between Skill-Builder Projects and the Virtual-Internship projects?

    • Answer: Each virtual-internship project is an expansion of one or more mandatory Skill-Builder Projects. It’s mandatory for all team members to complete these Skill-Builder Projects before embarking on their main team project. This structure ensures that every participant is adequately prepared, having gained hands-on experience with the necessary tools, programming languages, and foundational concepts required for a successful team experience
  • How are individual contributions reflected in certificates?

    • Answer: Certificates are tailored to specifically indicate the deliverables each individual has contributed to. This method ensures both transparency and fairness in acknowledging each member’s efforts.
  • How does the Automated Team Formation work?

    • Answer: Teams are formed based on a combination of factors: the points earned from Skill-Builder Projects, choice of roles, logistical details, and desired outcomes. This ensures that each team has a balanced mix of talents, fostering effective collaboration. Once teams are formed, they can embark on their projects, with mentorship opportunities available to ensure guided learning and progress.
  • Can I get academic credit for the virtual-internship?

    • Answer: If your school or college awards academic credits for internships, we can work with your institution to arrange for academic credits for your participation. All accepted interns will receive a standard offer letter, please note that we cannot accommodate individualized offer letter requests.
  • Do I need work authorization for these internships?

    • Answer: No, you don’t. These are educational internships, so you do not need US work authorization to participate.
  • Are these client projects?

    • Answer: No, they aren’t. STEM-Away® projects are not client-based, and there is no delivery commitment from intern teams.
  • Can international students participate in the Virtual-Internships?

    • Answer: Absolutely! We encourage international participation and have designed our Virtual-Internships to be globally inclusive. Students from regions with limited access to STEM opportunities especially benefit from our platform.
  • How is the time commitment determined for these virtual-internships?

    • Answer: During the team formation process, you can select your preferred time commitment. While there’s no fixed schedule, the experience you gain from the program directly correlates to the effort you put in. Remember, your certificate will reflect your exact deliverables, showcasing the specific contributions and achievements you made during the internship.
  • How are meeting times decided?

    • Answer: There are two types of meetings:
      • Team Meetings: These are determined entirely by the team leads based on inputs from their members. Teams are free to use STEM-Away® chat channels or any other external channels to facilitate these meetings.
      • Mentor-Led Meetings: Meetings led by STEM-Away® mentors are typically scheduled between 7am to 7pm Pacific Time to accommodate a broad range of participants. Meeting minutes are always shared with the entire team to ensure those who couldn’t attend are kept in the loop.
  • Can I blog about my team experience during the internship?

    • Answer: Definitely! We encourage it and will even showcase top blogs on our social media platforms.

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