Ericacassidy - Bioinformatics Pathway

Things Learned:

  • Technical Skills: The basics of coding in R, the experimental methods used in the paper, how to read the figures

  • Tools: R, Slack, Google Suites

  • Soft Skills: Gaining confidence meeting in groups, working in teams in an online format

Achievement Highlights:

  • Learned how to use R for the first time

  • Refreshed my Python skills since it has been a while

  • Read and understood a good amount of the paper

Meetings/Trainings Attended:
6/8 Team 4 Meeting, 6/10 Logistics Webinar, 6/11 Gene Team Meeting, 6/12 Welcome Session 6/16 Asana Training, I have also watched all the recording of the R training sessions and the technical trainings that I couldn’t attend in person.

Goals for the Upcoming Week

  • Focus on learning more about R

  • Finish reviewing the paper and the figures

  • Attend a happy hour

Tasks Completed

  • Completed the first R and Python tasks

  • Did extra research on the paper as there was a lot I did not understand

My Role:
I am currently a participant but would like to switch to an observer as I am working part-time and am having a hard time attending meetings and keeping pace with the project.

Inactive, assessed by Lead