Chhavi_Munjal - Entrepreneurship Pathway

Week 1: 15th July, 2020

Overview of Things Learned:

  • Basics of entrepreneurship

  • Learnt about the different domains one need to look into while involved in entrepreneurship like generating revenue model,competitor analysis,marketing strategy etc.

  • How to generate Revenue Model

  • Using Trello

Tools: Trello, Google Meet,Google Calendar, STEM-Away forum,GroupMe

Soft Skills: Communication between sub teams, management work while collaborating with peers with different time zones i.e Team work, presentation skills, active listening

Achievement Highlights : Generated a revenue model that could be used by STEM-Away in future.

Meetings attended:

Meeting 1 : 15th July -

  • Introductions
  • Getting Started on basic tools
  • First Hand introduction to EN
  • Project Timeline

Meeting 2: 16th July -

  • Basics of Revenue Models
  • Division of sub teams
  • Delegating responsibilities.

Meeting 3: 18th July -

  • Onboarding on Trello
  • Business Model Canvas

Meeting 4: 19th July -(Sub team meeting)

  • Brainstorming ideas for Revenue Model

Meeting 4: 21th July -(Sub team meeting)

  • Finalized the revenue stream
  • Made presentation

Meeting 5: 23th July -

  • Validation of Revenue Streams- Presentation by each team (each member)
  • Looked into concepts to be worked on for next week

Goals for the Upcoming Week:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Learning SCRUM

Tasks Done

  • Devised a strategy that could be used by stem away for generating revenue. Looked into various aspects to validate whether the decided strategy satisfies the current stem away vision or not. Conducted various meeting to do the same.
  • Learnt how to use TRELLO and maintained TRELLO sub team card.

Week 2: 24th July, 2020

Overview of Things Learned:

  • How to identify competitors
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Tools for doing Competitor analysis
  • Tools for doing SWOT analysis
  • PEST analysis

Technical Area: TRELLO

Tools: Trello, SCRUM, Google meet,STEM-Away forum,GroupMe

Soft Skills: Communication between sub teams, management work while collaborating with peers with different time zones i.e Team work, presentation skills,active listening

Achievement Highlights : Identified top 4 competitors and did a detailed competitor analysis for STEM-Away that helped to identify marketing strategies that could be implemented to increase outreach.

Meetings attended:

Meeting 6: 24th July -

  • Basics of competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis PPT
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Understanding SCRUM

Meeting 7: 27th July -(Sub team meeting)

  • Identifying competitors
  • Brainstorming ideas as to how to do the competitor analysis,what all aspects to look into

Meeting 8: 30th July -( 1:1 meet )

  • Discussed my startup idea and brainstormed about how to get started

Meeting 9: 1th Aug -

  • Competitor analysis presentation

Goals for the Upcoming Week :

  • To devise a go-to-market strategy for STEM-Away
  • Preparing a social media activity calendar
  • Preparing marketing materials

Tasks Done:

  • Identified top 4 competitors.
  • Did SWOT analysis for competitors as well as for STEM away
  • Identified threats for stem away and devised strategies to overcome.
  • Maintained TRELLO sub team board
  • Implemented SCRUM

WEEK 3: July 29
Technical Areas :

  1. Product market fit
  2. Reasons for startup faliure
  3. LTV
  4. ROI
  5. CAC
  6. Go to market strategy

Tools used : Canva ,Trello, Google Meet, Group Me, Google Docs, Google Slides

Soft Skills: Teamwork, collaborating with peers from different time zones, Public Speaking

Achievement Highlights and tasks done :

  1. Prepared “Minutes of Meetings” document.
  2. Created an Instagram post for STEM-Away
    link :
  3. Came up with Go to market strategy for STEM-Away.
  4. Prepared a social media calendar
    link :
  5. Prepared a video for Instagram,Facebook,LinkedIn marketing with my sub team.
    link :

Meeting Attended: Aug 2- Meeting about marketing stategies (presenation by Zery) , Aug 7-Week 3 Marketing presentation

Goals for upcoming week :

  1. Prepare LinkedIn ad
  2. Choose platform for marketing
  3. Learning SEO techniques and coming up with ON and OFF page SEO strategies for STEM-Away

WEEK 4 : August 5
Technical Area:

  1. Advanced marketing techniques, like linkedIn marketing
  2. SEO ,on page and off page strategies
  3. Key word optimization
  4. How to create customer survey

Soft skills: Teamwork, Public speaking, active listening and creative thinking

Tool: Google Meet, GroupMe, Canva, Quora, Gsuite applications

Achievements, Highlights and tasks done:

  1. Participated in sub teams meetings and brainstormed about marketing and SEO on and off page strategies.
  2. Used the csv sheet output obtained by inputting selected keywords in the Google ads platform to finalize keywords for on site SEO. We selected the keywords that had high search rate and low competition.
  3. Created a LinkedIn banner style ad.
    Link :
  4. Framed questions for customer survey.
  5. Designed strategies to use Quora as a marketing platform.
  6. Proposed an idea to post blogs on topics like “top 10 tools for project management”. The idea was appreciated by Stephanie. Partnering with companies and promoting their tools can be a potential strategy to generate revenue for STEM-Away .

Meetings Attended :

  • 11th Aug - Sub team meeting
  • 13th Aug - Sub team meeting
  • 13th Aug - The Catalysts team meeting
  • 14th Aug - Presentation

Goals for next week :

  • Creating a picth deck and elevator pitch.
  • Conducting a customer survey and analyzing the responses.