Bbwood6 - Bioinformatics Pathway

Things Learned:

  • Technical Skills: Basic coding and plotting in R and Python
  • Tools: Python, R, Stem-Away Forum, Google Suites
  • Soft Skills: team collaboration with peers, virtual meeting etiquette and flow,

Achievement Highlights:

  • Leaned how to code with R
  • Leaned how to code in Python (I’m used to java which is frustratingly similar)
  • Understanding the majority of the information from the paper

Meetings/Trainings Attended:
6/1 Team Four Meeting, 6/2 R Training, 6/3 Technical Training Webinar 2, 6/8 Gene Team Meeting, 6/10 Logistical Webinar, 6/10 Technical Training, 6/10 Welcome Session, 6/11 Gene Team meeting, 6/15 Gene Team Meeting

Goals for the Upcoming Week:

  • Continue to build my skills with R and Python. I want to put a special focus on R this week.
  • Further my understanding of the provided data
  • Attend a team happy hour

Tasks Completed:

  • Watched all of the R and Python training videos and completed the given tasks.
    *Supplemented teachings with additional practice in R to further my skills where they were lacking
  • Read and annotated the provided paper. Researched any terms or topics that I did not understand. Spent time going through the figures in an attempt to better understand them.

Week Three:
Things learned:

  • Technical Skills: Trouble shooting R and figuring out how to really use it hands on
  • Tools: R, Google Suites, Stem-Away, Asana
  • Soft skills: this week really worked on team collaboration, planning meetings across time zones

Achievement Highlights:

  • Generating figures from data
  • Turning the very large data set into something we could look at
  • Gaining a much better understanding of R

Meetings Attended:
6/15 Gene Team Meeting, Asana Training 6/16, Technical Training Webinar 6/17, Gene Team Meeting 6/18, Group 4 Meeting 6/19, Group 4 Meeting 6/20, Gene Team Meeting 6/22

Goals for upcoming week:

  • Continue to develop R and Python skills
  • Post and answer questions on the forum
    *Attend a happy hour

Tasks Completed:

  • Submitted the R training exercises
  • Completed the Python exercises
  • Worked within a group to complete week three tasks- normalizing the data

Week Four:
Things learned:
Technical Skills: Further development of R and Python skills~ beginning to feel much more comfortable figuring things out without needing assistance
Soft Skills: collaborating with a larger team to produce a presentation

Achievement highlights:
Completion of week four tasks
Feeling like I understand how to use R
Reasoning with my team about the why behind what we are doing

Meetings Attended:
6/22 Gene team meeting, 6/25 Webinar, 6/25 Gene Team meeting, 6/26 R training, 6/26 Team 4 meeting, 6/28 team 4 meeting, 6/29 team 1 and 4 meeting, 9/26 gene team meeting

Goals for upcoming week:
Finish on a high note
Continue to ask questions on the forum
Finish on a high note