Alicia_Weaver - Machine Learning Pathway

Technical Skills I Learned:

  • Web Scraping and Crawling Discourse Forums using Python to create pickle files of topic and text submissions
  • Conducted comprehensive research on terms including BERT, Tokenization, Embedding, Word Vectors, TF-IDF, One-Hot Encoding, RNN, LSTM, and Transformer Neurals

Tools I Used

  • Google Colab
  • Beautiful Soup

Soft Skills I Learned

  • Communicating through weekly team meetings, STEM-Away Forums, and Slack
  • Being transparent when my code runs into problems and asking for help
  • Asking clarifying questions

Three Achievement Highlights

  • Creating a Web Crawler to iterate through large sets of data and store topic submissions of a discourse forums
  • Creating a Web Scraper to store text submissions of a discourse forum
  • Becoming familiar with and using Google Colab

List of Meetings/Training Attended Including Social Team Events

  • Attended Weekly Meetings held twice a week
  • Git Webinar
  • All Machine Learning Deep Dive Webinars
  • Asana Webinar

Goals for the Upcoming Week

  • Review my Web Scaper/Crawler Code to fix bugs and empty text submissions into a pickle file
  • Create a recommender system using BERT

Tasks Completed

  • Attended weekly meetings twice a week
  • Submitted reports twice a week via the STEM Away platform
  • Created a Web Scraper and Crawler to access data from a CodeCademy Discourse Forum
  • Conducted research to gain theoretical understanding of BERT and associated terms