Yaay! We are working on AWS also now- Introduction Webinar on 20th June 9am PDT

Hello everyone,
We are moving to AWS now, be excited because we are going to give you AWS hands-on experience by hosting STEM-away clones on AWS while working on these industry projects.

Do follow #aws while mentioning any issues or posts…

We are going to get a head start by working with **AWS mentor Parminder ** as well on June 20th 9am introduction webinar.

Everyone must attend

@FS-Team2-June1, @FS-Team3-June1 @FS-Leads-Summer2020

Everyone is welcome to attend :slight_smile:

This webinar is planned as a fireside chat with an industry expert.

Parminder was a Product Lead at Amazon where he launched key products including a new Application Load Balancing platform (part of ELB service) with a strategic pricing model and one-step corrections on Alexa that allows end users to correct their prior utterance, reducing customer friction.

As wannabe Full Stack Engineers, this is your chance to hear directly from an industry expert and ask meaningful questions.

While Parminder has generously offered to help with getting the team started on AWS, this is not meant to be a session to cover starting steps. We will do that via email. Use this time to get a glimpse of what it means to be a product lead at leading companies. Do ask questions! You will get much more out of it if it is interactive!