Why Hybrid-Bootcamps? How are Hybrid-Bootcamps different from traditional bootcamps?

Niche Offering

  • Are you looking to explore in-demand tech careers before investing further in your career path? Our projects cover these key areas - Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Full Stack and UX.

  • Are you looking to build a strong STEM portfolio? Hybrid-bootcamp projects are designed from our extremely successful virtual-internship program. Participate in our Talent Demo Days where showcasing is designed around STEM-Away® Projects.

  • Are you looking to build the foundational skills necessary to qualify for our Virtual-Internship program?

We are introducing Hybrid-Bootcamps as a niche offering that provides experiential learning at a very low cost. Get access to all projects with one low price! Mentor sessions are scheduled weekly at set times. Access to self-paced online modules and career development events is for the full calendar year.

Core differences from traditional bootcamps

Laser Focus on Project

The curriculum is project-centric with each project focusing on a set of industry-relevant skills. Projects are divided into well-defined steps or modules. Each module is further divided into the following sections - Learning Outcomes, Tasks, Learning Resources, Tools, and Skills.

Mentor sessions focus on the core project. Users have to master prerequisites such as coding syntax on their own using the self-paced online modules.

Q&A sessions

Questions are curated by STEM-Away® moderators to ensure that live Q&A sessions benefit the entire audience. Questions may be asked in advance online or during a webinar.

Curation is aided by an upvoting system where members can mark questions as important. Additionally, a library of Q&A videos is created from each mentor session and shared on the platform.

Full Stack and Machine Learning bootcamps are typically 30x - 50x the cost of STEM-Away® Hybrid-Bootcamps.