What does a successful project look like?

Take a tour of the Career Statistics Tool Project. The CST project is the first major pilot project. This project helped define the structure, process and other important details of Mentor Chains® Projects. The readme for the CST category is copied below.


Hierarchy: Project details are available through 3 sub-categories:

  1. Core mandatory project documents are in Overview.
  2. Individual certificate of achievements are in The Team.
  3. Technical notes and blogs are in Write-ups.

Overview: Each team must create the documents listed below:

  1. Project Overview
  2. Project Pathfinding
  3. Project Timeline
  4. Project Management
  5. Project Resources

Teams may follow the structure of the CST project documents or they can customize the structure to better fit their specific project. Teams may creatively display the documents to showcase their project.

The Team: Certificates are issued to each team member and cover the items listed below.

  1. Technologies learned & applied
  2. Soft Skills learned & applied
  3. Primary Tasks
  4. Tasks by stage executed by the participant (*Project Timeline* contains all the tasks by stage)

A certificate is a living document for the duration of the project with periodic reviews done by the team. Final entries are signed off by the project lead. On project completion, the certificate is finalized and no further edits are possible. Certificates can be shared directly or on LinkedIn using the share button under the post.

Write-ups: Teams can enter technical notes, blogs or any other project documents. No formal structure is specified.

Category Settings: Access is limited to the team for the duration of the project. After a project is complete, members can view and reply to topics. Site visitors can only view topics.

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