What are the career pathways covered?

STEM-Away® tools are designed to boost your STEM career along a specific pathway. The tools form a comprehensive solution, starting from initial learning via STEMCasts® and other learning resources, to real life experience through Mentor Chains® Projects aka Virtual Internships and finally display of skills through the 1-click® Resume.

The latest list of career pathways can be found at STEM-Away® Career Pathways. Current pathways are Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Full Stack Design, UX Research & Design and Entrepreneurship.

Resources tagged with #stemaway-pathway are part of our career pathways. Resources are available for a number of other areas as well but have not yet been stitched together to form a full pathway.

A STEM-Away® career pathway begins with introductory webinars that gives insight into upcoming projects. Sign up for webinars to hear directly from experts in that field or watch recorded episodes. Find a pathway that excites you!

Visit upcoming projects - summer 2020 to request access to one or more project groups. Announcements related to a project including call for leads and participants will be sent to the associated group.

Which career pathways are of interest to you?

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